Helena sewed her first cloud in 2015 when she became Lionel's mother. 

She wanted beautiful and personal baby things for her son -50% Papua New Guinean. 

With her 'Fashion & Styling' degree in her pocket, she decided to design and make them herself. 

4 years later, Helena founds Lil'Papoe. Lil'Papoe brings every child a unique product, handmade with love and an eye for detail and fine finish. Manufactured in Antwerp from natural materials such as cotton and hut. Honest and sweet for children, for their parents and for the planet. 

Lil'Papoe is light, sweet, soft and cuddly and therefore mainly makes 'clouds: clouds to cuddle, rattle clouds and music clouds. After all, with a cloud of a baby you are in the ..... 

The music cloud doesn't play Mozart or CHopin, but a fresh and uniquely composed dullaby. It is handmade by Helena, composed by Bram (her boyfriend and musician) and inspired by Lionel. 

Every cloud has a silver lining, you can take that very literally with Lil'Papoe!