Normann Copenhagen Heima 4-armed Candlestick


According to the mythology “HEIMA” means “home” or “the world”. Also, it is the name of the series of case iron candle holders. Designed by Francies Cayouette, a four-armed candlestick which is made of cast iron. This Product is designed to pay tribute to industrial craftsmanship and Nordic traditions. It is made up of cast iron. Heima Candleholder are tea light candle holder, block candle holder, and 4-armed candlestick.


  • Specification:
  • Height 8" (20,3cm), width 5.19" (13,20cm), depth 5.43" (13,80cm). • Material has cast iron • Color is Black • Candles not included


  • Materials:

Cast Iron

  • Size & Weight:

H: 20,4 x L: 13,8 x D: 13,2 cm

0,719 kg

  • Maintenance:

Place your Heima product upside down on baking paper in the oven at 250° C / 482° F. Take the product out of the oven after five minutes. Wipe off all remaining candle wax with a kitchen tissue. Be careful - The product will be hot!

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