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You know, that annoying “clonk” of the lid banging against the wall the second after you step on the pedal!
We somehow had to counter this, and decided to design a beautiful “clonk-free” pedal-bin. This, however, was no mere matter of finding a standard bracket out there. Hours and hours of engineering were spent to come up with a mechanism able to make the lid open within its own perimeter. Along the way, the solution came to support our minimalist aesthetics and search for optimal hygiene in that we were able to hide the bracket inside the bin. This is our pedal-bin evolution!

The New Norm Bath series holds a vast amount of small details catering to both improved hygiene and everyday functionality. Large clean surfaces dominate the products and make sure that joints and compositions are kept at a minimum. 

The items share the same shape and characteristic rounded base, giving them lightness wothout compromising stability. All items stand firmly and securely in place. Clean lines and simple functionality make the items easy to clean and use.

Product size: Ø 32,8 cm

Weight: 3,98 kg

Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel

Color: white

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