Normann Copenhagen Tablo Table Small Grey

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Once again, Nicholai Wiig Hansen has created a design for Normann Copenhagen which unites function and aesthetics in a simple design. The essence of the Tablo table is the interaction between two materials with very different expressions, which combined forms a minimalistic and stylish design. The table top has a refined, sharp edge which contrasts with the round shapes. The result is a minimalistic table without redundant details.
The name, Tablo, refers to the English 'table' and the French 'tableau', the latter meaning a scenic, organised arrangement.
With its simple expression, Tablo fits into most interior styles and is available in a large and a small version. Tablo is quick and easy to assemble without the use of screws.
Nicholai Wiig Hansen says: “For me, it is paramount that function, materials and aesthetics all come together. The design needs to both be useful and solve a basic need - without compromising the visual expression. Being easy to assemble is therefore part of Tablo's function.”
Material: Ash-plastic composite
Dimensions : H 42 cm x Ø 50 cm

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